• January 2020 - June 2020
My Work
  • UX and Design
  • Illustrations
  • Frontend Development

The mission

The basic idea for sfxsound.ch came about during my studies – as finding suitable, license-free sounds for film or audio projects is not always easy. Together with two fellow students, I tackled this project, and it quickly became clear that the task of web design and front-end programming would fall to me. After various sketches and mock-ups, I designed the first prototypes. The following is an insight into the finished layout components of the project.

The design of this website has been completed. The programming is still in progress.



Based on these prototypes, the final website was realized. I was able to export all illustrations for the web and integrate them with HTML/CSS.


Below you can see the final web layout in the onepager. The sticky navigation can be used to navigate through the website to the corresponding points.


Say hello.

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