Corporate Design

  • Hermes Baby
  • October 2020 - January 2021
My Work
  • Strategy, Idea and Concept
  • UX and Design
  • Illustrations

The mission

Development of the corporate design for the journalist collective ‚Hermes Baby‘ and their Paradise Project, a project that originated in the Corona era and brought with it some challenges.
‚Hermes Baby‘ is a community of freelance journalists who celebrate narrative journalism. They tell true stories in newspapers and magazines, as radio features or video reports, in unusual formats such as comics and exhibitions, or on the theatrical stage. Under the name ‚The Paradise Project‘, they have created a new vessel for journalistic content. But what do you have to consider when you want to develop a brand for a cultured, educated target group? These are questions I had to ask myself in addition to working out the basics (USPs, values, etc.).


Building the concept

My work for the Paradise Project encompasses several aspects. The final result is a corporate design manual in which the fonts, colors and logo usage are defined, as well as a prototype for a website and business cards.

Business Cards

As the company will gain customers mainly through personal recommendations, the business cards are an important tool of communication. They must be kept simple.


The website should contain the most important information, but also look simple and modern. I decided on a one-pager and kept to the colors of the corporate design I had already created. The goal is to use parallax scrolling (lax.js) to make the different elements appear while scrolling.


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