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  • September 2020 - February 2021
My Work
  • Idea and Concept
  • UX and Design
  • Content (Photography and Text)

The mission

My friend Fabienne and I were exchange students in Hamburg as part of our Bachelor’s degree studies. We wanted to record our experiences abroad in a blog and share them with others. So, with great heart and passion, we created our blog: heyhamburg.ch. The website is filled with both informative and personal texts and decorated with self-made photos and videos.


Building the concept

At the beginning of our project, we sat down for a brainstorming session: What should our website be all about? Who were we targeting? What content was relevant? How should we separate personal experiences and general tips? In this way, we created a concept that gave answers to all these questions and defined our presence. It was essential to us that we address a very broad target group with the website: on the one hand, fellow Erasmus students, on the other, tourists and natives of Hamburg as well. In addition, we specifically wanted to target an audience of younger people. Thus, we decided to create a corporate style using youthful, direct language. To bring a personal touch to our blog, we wrote from a ‚first person‘ perspective and addressed the reader directly. To suit our target group, we decided to use the German language.

Final Blog

Based on our sketches we realized our blog layout. Posts can be added continuously. The whole blog has a responsive layout.


Say hello.

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